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10 easy ways to make Easter magical for your little ones

It’s one of the most magical times of the year. Yes, there’s something about Easter that makes kids – and their grown-ups – light up with wonder at the traditions, the fun and of course, the chocolate! Here are 10 fun ideas for magnifying that magic….


It turns out that ‘nesting’ in pregnancy is NOT biologically programmed

The idea that pregnancy causes some kind of chemical change in a woman’s body that compels her to ready her home for the incoming baby has been widely touted. “Oh she’s nesting!! Won’t be long now!” If you’ve ever been pregnant and say … bought a cushion or ordered…


All the ridiculously awesome reasons we have cried while pregnant

When you have extra levels of hormones swishing through your pregnant body, you already know you’re going to be feeling ALL the feels for the full nine months. You’ve read the books, you’ve talked to your friends … you know this. Right? RIGHT?? But when…


In your pregnancy’s third trimester and suddenly NOT hungry? Here’s why

When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy, my appetite took a nosedive. I would nibble at my dinner but strangely, my ability to eat the entire plate had disappeared. I remember wondering why, when my baby was growing so much and needed nutrients,…


What your vaginal biome can tell you about preterm pregnancy

Researchers in the UK recently discovered a rapid test that checks the vaginal microbiome and can detect risks of preterm birth. Usually, tests to check the microbiome are complicated and it takes a long time to get a result. Up to 50 percent of preterm births are associated…


This is why we MUST stop bump shaming pregnant women

“You’re so tiny, are you sure he’s growing?”   “OMG you’re massive, are you sure it’s not twins?”  “Are you eating enough?”  “You just look chubby.”  Believe it or not, these are just some of the insensitive things people say to pregnant women on the daily, and honestly? We’ve…

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Huge win for mums: Abdominal repair surgery to be covered by Medicare

After a lengthy campaign by mothers and surgeons, the MSAC (Medical Services Advisory Committee) now recommends that abdominal repair surgery for postpartum women should be covered by Medicare. This is a huge win for Australian women who suffer from conditions such as diastasis recti, or abdominal…

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