3 Affordable Family Vacation Ideas with Baby

Families are always looking for new and exciting places to go on vacation. With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to start planning your family’s next trip.

3 Affordable Family Vacation Ideas with Baby will take you through 3 ideas that won’t break the bank!

Orange Beach, Alabama

Having a baby doesn’t mean beach vacations aren’t still an easy possibility, although choosing the right hotel does become more critical.

My son’s first beach vacation at six months old was made more accessible by selecting a place with a crib, beach umbrellas, and an indoor pool for more time in the shade: The Hilton Garden Inn.

There are microwave and refrigerator in the rooms, perfect for bottles, baby food, and toddler snacks. An on-site restaurant offering room service is also available when you’re just too tired to head downstairs.

Not to mention, Orange Beach, Alabama, is an excellent place for families to enjoy some fun in the sun. — Pamela, Pam Gann.

Carefree, Arizona

I would highly recommend Four Seasons Resort at Troon North for a fun and relaxing trip with a new baby.

Four Seasons Scottsdale provided many amenities for babies: comfortable baby crib and bedding, baby bib, diapers, baby wash, baby shampoo, baby powder, and even a cute baby bath toy.

The resort also brought in an extra mini fridge just for us to have for milk and formula.

The restaurants at the resort are very family-friendly. There were high chairs and food that was served in little kid plates with tiny silverware.

Our baby had started to eat yogurt and fruit, and the resort was incredibly accommodating, making a cute little breakfast with a baby spoon and all.

The resort also had nice paved paths to walk on with a stroller. We took many long walks all around to see the cacti and mountain scenery.

But the pools at Four Seasons Scottsdale are what made the trip! There’s a family pool at the resort with cabanas and umbrellas to keep the baby out of the sun.

There’s also a kids pool area so shallow that our baby and toddler could sit in it and splash and stand at the edge to play.

Carlsbad, California

Our favorite week away from home with a new baby is at the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort in Carlsbad, California.

We’ve been visiting the Southern California beach resort for many years, and it holds our favorite family vacation memories.

Our oldest daughter has grown up spending every summer on the beach playing with boogie boards and sand toys provided by the resort.

The Carlsbad Inn features everything you’ll need and want while traveling with a new baby, from the complimentary swim diapers at the pool to the easy walk to the beach.

The Inn has one and two-bedroom condos, so baby can sleep soundly while your family is in another room enjoying a game night or movie.

Complimentary packs and plays are available, so you don’t need to pack your own. The spacious rooms are very accommodating if you end up bringing your entire playroom

along as we did in our early days traveling with children. Family activities often happen in the courtyard, and it’s a great place to meet other families traveling with children.

Fire pits with a gorgeous view of the beach make it a nice place to wind down just before bedtime. — Heather Riccobono, Brie Brie Blooms.

Palm Desert, California

There are plenty of trips you can take with your significant other, but what about when traveling with a new baby? Or multiple children?

Palm Desert, California, is a perfect getaway to take your new family addition, a place that I took each of my children on their first vacation.

Palm Desert is the ideal place in California’s desert area to visit with something for everyone, especially during the Spring when temperatures typically remain lower than the summer months.

Book your stay at the Marriott Desert Springs hotel, in the heart of beautiful Palm Desert. This Marriott boasts a kid-friendly pool, cafes, restaurants, and large suites ideal for families traveling with small children that may need a separate sleeping area.

If you decide to explore outside the hotel, visit the Living Desert, including a zoo and botanical gardens. Marriott has various fun classes for indoor activities in the warmer months for adults and tots in the recreation center on-site, or try the Children’s Discovery Museum, with a large selection of hands-on activities for tiny tots. — Lauren Olson, Sleep and the City

Clearwater Beach, Florida

My husband and I have always been avid travelers and didn’t slow down for a minute when our son was born.

Before moving permanently to Florida, our favorite place for a quick beach getaway was always the incredibly family-friendly Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Florida.

The Sheraton is close to all the action in Clearwater Beach but just far enough away to avoid the tourist crowds.

The vast private beach, right next to Sand Key Park, is the main attraction. It’s one of the most comprehensive and most beautiful beaches in the area.

The hotel is packed with amenities that make life easy for families. There are plenty of chairs at the pool, beach toys that the kids can borrow, a small playground, and a snack stand that dishes

out kid-friendly food. The pool bar mixes up great drinks for Mom and Dad, too!

I love the little convenience store inside, where you can pick up snacks, diapers, milk, sunscreen, or anything else your little one needs.

Plus, several fantastic restaurants are just a quick, stroller-friendly walk down the street. It’s the best place I know for a stress-free vacation with a new baby in tow. — Nicole Malik, Delicious Everyday.

Destin, Florida

Finding a resort that could accommodate our growing family has been important to us throughout the last few years.

Nestled right along the emerald coast of Destin, Florida, Hilton Sandestin has been our go-to family destination for the past three years.

We first visited when my daughter was five months old, and it was such a breeze!

Hilton Sandestin offers kids programs day and night, childcare services, and plenty of kid-friendly restaurants.

(They even have suites with bunk beds.) There’s everything from cribs to pack and plays, so you can always request one of those if you don’t want to lug around all of the gear.

It’s truly a lifesaver. Plus, Hilton Sandestin is located right on the water, so you have access to white sandy beaches, umbrellas, towels, and even their different indoor and outdoor swimming pools. — Jessica Conner, Grace, and Ford.

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

During my daughter’s first year, we visited six states and two countries. But our most baby-friendly trip was to Walt Disney World and Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

We didn’t even bring her car seat. They’re unnecessary (and often not allowed) on Walt Disney World transportation, including Disney’s Magical Express free airport shuttle for hotel guests.

At Disney’s Contemporary Resort, rooms are large and baby-friendly. Furniture and ledges have rounded corners, most electrical outlets are out of reach, minimal loose items, and bathrooms are big enough to fit the hotel Pack’ n Play.

My daughter loved crawling around the pool’s splash zone, and the hotel is just one monorail stop from the Magic Kingdom.

It was easy to pop in and out of our room for naptime. At the Magic Kingdom, baby-friendly attractions like It’s A Small World.

Enchanted Tales With Belle, Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh mesmerized my daughter.

She giggled, meeting Disney Princesses like Cinderella and Ariel, and danced during street parties and parades.

Adults can take turns riding attractions and watching the baby without having to wait in line twice. My family took turns riding Avatar

Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest while my daughter napped in her stroller. Plus, all Walt Disney World theme parks have a Baby Care Center equipped with a private nursing room with rocking chairs;

feeding area with high chairs; kitchen with microwave, oven, and sink; changing room; and shop offering all the baby essentials. Best of all, children under three don’t need park tickets. — Karla Bruning, Run Karla Run.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Known as the first lady of Waikiki, the Moana Surfrider was built in 1901 and was the very first hotel built on the beautiful shores of what is possibly the most iconic beach in the United States — Waikiki Beach.

This historic, luxury hotel is the perfect getaway for new parents bringing a baby on vacation. The Moana Surfrider’s relaxed vintage vibe and landmark charm are enough to satisfy any guest.

Still, the atmosphere is perfect for a post-baby-moon, with rocking chairs lining the porch overlooking the ocean, a world-class oceanside spa, and fine dining.

Though you may not want to leave once you arrive, the location of the Moana Surfrider is perfect for getting around Waikiki, located within walking distance from shops and parks and just steps from the beautiful turquoise waters of Waikiki.

Long walks on the beach with a baby who doesn’t understand time zones is a great way to spend an early morning or a late night.

We loved staying here and enjoyed the calming atmosphere without feeling pressure to see all the sites. — Vanessa Hunt, Meraki Mother,

Boise, Idaho

We took trips with both our sons when they were under two months old, and it’s doable. I recommend choosing a destination where most of the activities you’re interested in are baby-friendly.

No roller coasters or scuba diving (sorry!), but you can still go for a hike with a baby carrier or explore a new city.

We took our son to Boise when he was a newborn and had a blast staying at the Boise Guest House.

Our suite had a private entrance and full kitchen, which made us feel comfortable on our first trip as new parents.

We weren’t worried about every little cry annoying the room next door, and we had a kitchen for washing bottles.

We could also walk right out our door and be in historic downtown Boise instead of wrangling a stroller into an elevator with other guests. — Aileen Allen, At Home In Love.

Cancún, Mexico

Cancún, MexicoMany people may tell you that once you have a child, life as you know it is over. Say goodbye to nights out with your friends, treating yourself, or traveling. As someone who has just returned from Cancun with all my children, including a three-month-old, I disagree with that sentiment.

GR Caribe by Solaris was the perfect place to take kids, especially a new baby. Once you walk through those all-inclusive resort doors, all worrying, planning, and obligations fly away.

We stayed at the resort for eight days, and between their multiple daily activities for adults and kids and numerous restaurants, we never got bored or felt the need to leave the resort.

The GR Caribe is ideal for new parents because they offer top-notch accommodations, even providing emergency diapers when needed.

I was able to lay poolside for hours with my little one, nursing, napping, even while I watched my other kids play away in the pool or run to the outdoor food hut for a fresh slice of pizza.

I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing postpartum adventure with my new little guy. We got to bond on a level I don’t think I could have experienced at home.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has been traveling with our daughter since she turned two months old, starting with a destination close to home just in case we needed to get back.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a baby-friendly city, and Wentworth by the Sea was extremely accommodating.

They gave us a room set slightly apart, which made us more comfortable knowing that we wouldn’t be disturbing anyone’s sleep if our little one was up all night.

None of the restaurants we walked into batted an eye at seeing a tiny baby in a car seat — they mostly just gave us a larger booth so we could set her next to us!

Virginia Beach, Virginia

When looking for a fun family getaway that keeps everyone excited, the Turtle Cay Resort in Virginia Beach has new families covered. (I’ve stayed there for the past 15 years and counting.)

From the moment you arrive, you’re greeted by friendly staff members with refreshments and a schedule of free daily activities for young kids.

You’ll probably want to spend most days relaxing by the pools, including mini waterfalls, two hot tubs, one pool for older kids, and a vast baby pool with a walk-in shallow area — perfect for new parents to introduce newborns to the water.

There are movie nights at the pool just for kids while you relax in the hot tub, or one of you sneaks away to cook up dinner in your suite.

It’s a place to build lasting family memories, and with the beach a block away, you’ll never want to leave — Danielle Fahrenkrug, Delightful Mom Food.



This article is about 3 Affordable Family Vacation Ideas with Baby. The three affordable family vacation ideas are to stay in a suite at the Boise

Guest House and head into historic downtown, Cancún, Mexico, as an all-inclusive resort for eight days that offers activities for adults and kids, or Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where Wentworth by the Sea was extremely accommodating. All of these three affordable family vacation ideas have been very enjoyable from new parents’ experience.

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