50 famous last names that make even cuter first names

What if 50 famous last names made even cuter first names? Well, we’ve compiled 50 of the most popular last names in America to find out. From Adams to Washington, this list includes all 50 states and 50 famous last names that make even cuter first names!

Attention baby name lovers – here’s a trend in adorable baby names that you will want to get on board with. Welcome to the wonderful world of awesomely adorable surnames as baby names.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect baby name then you’ve probably gone through the most popular names, the hipster names, the wacky names, the vintage names, and pretty much every other name trend under the sun. But have you thought about using a surname as your child’s given name?

One of the good things about considering a surname for your little one is that it can commemorate your history, if, of course, your family happens to have a cute surname in the family tree. Some mums may choose to name their child after their maiden name to ensure they get a bit of both family.

Of course, the downside to naming your child a surname if she is female is the very slight possibility that she may marry someone with the same surname as her first name. Kennedy Smith then becomes Kennedy Kennedy if she chooses to take her partner’s name in marriage.

Of course, not every surname makes for a good first name. But here are the ones that we happen to think do!

Adorable surnames-as-first-names for baby boys

  1. Anderson
  2. Beckett
  3. Campbell
  4. Cash
  5. Carson
  6. Cohen
  7. Carter
  8. Davis
  9. Dawson
  10. Easton
  11. Greyson
  12. Griffin
  13. Harrison
  14. Hendrix
  15. Hudson
  16. Jackson
  17. Kingsley
  18. Lewis
  19. Miller
  20. Nash
  21. Nixon
  22. Parker
  23. Reed
  24. Smith
  25. Sullivan
  26. West
  27. Vaughn

Sweet surnames-as-first-names for baby girls

  1. Addison
  2. Cassidy
  3. Delaney
  4. Fallon
  5. Harlow
  6. Lane
  7. Kennedy
  8. Monroe
  9. Mackenzie

Gender-neutral surnames-as-first-names 

  1. Bailey
  2. Brady
  3. Cooper
  4. Ellis
  5. Finley
  6. Lincoln
  7. Lennon
  8. Lennox
  9. Jagger
  10. Quinn
  11. Reagan
  12. Taylor
  13. Tyler
  14. Sawyer

Naming trends

Oddly enough, a lot of the surnames that are now making the rounds for cute contenders for first names are former American presidents. Lincoln (Abe), Kennedy (John F), Nixon (Riched), Reagan (Ronald), and Carter (Jimmy) have all donned the title of President. We’d probably steer clear of naming your child Bush or Trump, though!

Music also comes into play with Cassidy bringing connotations of David Cassidy, Lennon honoring the legendary John Lennon, and Hendrix evoking the irreplaceable Jimi Hendrix. Marley (Bob Marley), Cash (Johnny Cash), Tyler (Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler), and Presley (Elvis Presley) also make the list.

Celebrities of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s also seem to inspire names, including Monroe (Marilyn Monroe), Lennox (Annie Lennox), Harlow (Jean Harlow), and Davis (Sammy Davis Jr). There are a few famous names in sport that also make the list including Nash (Steve Nash) and Brady (Tom Brady).


50 famous last names that make even cuter first names. Some of your favorite celebrities inspire these cute surnames-as-first-names for baby boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.

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