6 yummy dinner ideas for hungry little human beings

If you’re stuck in a dinner rut and need some tested, tried and true ideas to tickle your hungry kiddo’s fancy, we’ve got six sure-fire recipes that’ll have them asking for more!

These meals are yummy enough to keep grown-ups and kids happy and we’re pretty convinced you’ll find your new family favourite amidst the bunch.

1. No-fuss oven-baked tomato and chorizo risotto

Baked risotto is super easy, none of that laboured stirring and trying not to let it stick to the bottom of the pot.

This version is super healthy and nourishing, and just like magic, that rice goes straight into the oven to cook!


Your stirring arm will thank you.

cheesy chicken and broccoli pasta

2. Cheesy chicken and broccoli pasta

Your mac and cheese loving kids will love this slightly crunchier take on a classic!

It’s a chicken and broccoli pasta recipe that will go down a treat.

More please!

Easy peasy fried rice

3. Healthy homemade fried rice

This comforting take on the takeaway classic is sure to have your kiddos asking for more!

Fried rice is one of those great meals that can accommodate whatever you have left over and be customised to suit varying tastes and quirks (!)

Serve it alone or sidled up to a stir-fry, if you fancy.

homemade baked beans

4. Homestyle baked beans

Beans means home if you whip up a batch of these yummy and comforting baked beans for your gang.

This baked beans recipe takes the tinned food staple to the next level!

Serve on toast, in jaffles or atop baked potatoes for a protein-packed, nourishing meal.

Apricot chicken

5. Easy apricot chicken

This nostalgic favourite deserves a dinner-time reboot and it might just be your kids’ new fave!

This is an apricot chicken recipe that brings this seventies classic firmly into the new millennium.

homemade meatballs

6. Rustic Italian meatballs

No matter if you serve these on rice, mashed potato or in a sub, these Italian meatballs are sure to hit the spot.

They’re even better the next day, if you’re lucky enough to have leftovers!

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