Hey mama! 7 baby shower games for a cute and stylish celebration

If you’re keen on having a baby shower, but don’t want to go near those “smell the diaper” games, we’ve got good news! Not only are there plenty of fun (and cute) games you will want to play, there’s not a poopy nappy in sight.

Here’s seven excellent places to start, if you’re looking for some more elevated baby shower games. Click through to each store for even more bright ideas on celebrating your baby.

Wishful Paperie mommy or daddy game

1. The Mommy or Daddy game

How well do your baby shower guests know you and your significant other? This game is fully editable, so you can customise it to suit your family. It’s by Wishful Paperie and you can download it instantly for $6.50 (then print it at your leisure!)

Disney parent match game

2. Disney parent match

You better know your Simbas from your Dumbos if you want to nail this adorable Disney-themed “parent match” baby shower game! The digital download is $5 and it’s by Etsy seller Oh Hello Baby who has some other great baby shower games on offer, too!

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

3. Nursery rhyme quiz

This is a very tricky quiz for those of us who are several decades past the nursery rhyme stage. If you know your way around a tuffet, you’re going to love this baby shower Nursery Rhyme Quiz. It’s a digital download by Draw Me A Party and it’s around $5 too.

What's in your phone quiz

4. What’s in your phone quiz

Score a point for every item on this “laundry list” that’s hiding in your phone. You get points for songs with “baby” in the title, points for weather apps, points for low battery life. Sounds fun right?! The What’s In Your Phone Quiz is by Violin Events and the digital download is around $5.

name the baby animal game

5. Name the baby animal!

You might want to study up because honestly, who even knows what a baby beaver is called? (ANSWER: It is a KIT!) This cute Name The Baby Animal printable is $6 and it’s by Baby Shower Shoppe (who have heaps of baby showers goodies on offer, y’all! Oh hooray!).

Inklings Paperie scratch cards

6. Baby shower “Scratch It!” cards

Each deck of 24 very clever scratch cards reveal three winners, so your baby shower guests can scratchily try their luck! These adorable scratch cards are by Etsy seller Inklings Paperie and cost $16.

Baby prediction game

7. Baby prediction game

This is such a cute idea, and a great one to stow away later as a keepsake. The Baby Prediction Game invites your guests to use their better judgement to guess how your little one will turn out. This instant download is $7 from Tiny Mint Shop on Etsy.

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