9 festive food fails that will make you really, REALLY glad Christmas is over

Christmas brings all kinds of pressures, one of which is snapping up or whipping up festive and Pinterest-worthy creations to bestow on your assembled family and friends.

It’s fair to say that this well-intentioned endeavour doesn’t always go according to plan. #snort

Lucky for us, some excellent types are openly sharing their pear-shaped efforts, in the name of cheering everyone up, and encouraging us to crack on with our culinary Christmas creations, regardless.

Because it truly is the thought that counts. Even if it gives you nightmares.

1. Santa “Pancakes”

Something got a leeeetle bit lost in translation here. A distinguishable face, perhaps?

2. Popcorn “penguin” apocalypse

We are certain this seemed like a very good idea at the time. Very jolly (frightening). Much popcorn.

Popcorn Penguin

3. Screaming gingerbread “cottage”

“Our first try, it looked like the poor guy was screaming,” the maker writes. Do you see the screaming house face? Cannot be unseen. Argh.

4. Chocolate “Santa” pretender

It’s hard to know what’s going on here. *winces* *shifts uncomfortably*

Scary chocolate Santa

5. Chocolate addled “Reindeer”?

“These didn’t turn out like I wanted them too,” writes this Christmas chef. Not gonna lie, there’s a real charm in their attempt, and we’re quite partial to a wandering eye.

Chocolate Reindeer Fails

6. Melting, bleeding “snowman”

Someone thought the memo said “bleeding snowman” and they really ran very boldly with that concept.

Melting Snowman fail

7. “Stained glass cookies” (of sadness)

Yeah. Look. If cookies could embody a state of mind, these ones might need some Xanax and a little bit of compassionate counselling.

Stained Glass Cookie Fail

8. St Nicholas? Is that you?

Be careful what you wish for, because you too might get a chocolate poop pretending to be St Nicholas.

Chocolate St Nick

9. “Lamb cake”

Granted, not Christmassy but oh so fabulously excelling in the fail department and done in a purposeful way by a great mum, no less!

Lamb cake fail

We are sure you are very inspired by these festive foodie creations and no doubt feeling a LOT better about your own efforts, because sometimes comparison is the GIVER of joy.

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