All the ridiculously awesome reasons we have cried while pregnant

When you have extra levels of hormones swishing through your pregnant body, you already know you’re going to be feeling ALL the feels for the full nine months. You’ve read the books, you’ve talked to your friends … you know this. Right? RIGHT??

But when you’re strapped into the hormone rollercoaster that’s called pregnancy, the reality is something else again. Never have you felt so angry, so tired, so sad, so overwhelmed. All the feelings, all the time. It’s a lot to deal with.

So no wonder that it can all end in tears. And so what if the reason for the tears might seem a little … extreme, to the onlooker? They just don’t understand. But we do. We know how sad the world can suddenly look when you get your UberEats order and it’s missing the fries!

And because misery loves company, we asked you to share some of the (let’s be honest, slightly insane) reasons you cried during pregnancy. Here’s just some of what you said:

The sweet-but-strange

“Because I was watching a comedian. I laughed so hard, I got tears in my eyes. My body got confused and I ended up bawling my eyes out, I got so confused why I was crying.” – L’shae

“I was in my car at a set of lights and saw an elderly man crossing the road …” – Natasa

“Because my dog was at home alone and would miss us and couldn’t call us.” – Sarah

“Someone got complimented on their pudding on Masterchef.” – Meg

“I forgot to get my Labrador a Christmas present – made my hubby go out to a pet store on Christmas Eve to get something.” – Melody

“I had to pull over on the side of the road because I was crying so hard I couldn’t drive – all because the radio informed me that Angelina Jolie had had her baby  I was 14 days overdue with my first at the time.” – Laura

“My partner falling asleep before me.” – Tirzah

“I remember crying in Pitch Perfect and Antman when I was pregnant. Two extremely moving films.” – Bethany

The oh-no-you-didn’t

“Because my husband wouldn’t look at our toddlers weird poop, and so I cried and told him if he was a good dad he would WANT to look at the poo. Not my finest moment.” – Jemma

“[It was] 2015 – I cried because Michael Hutchence was dead and it wasn’t fair.” – Natalie

“Because neither of us felt like doing the dishes … I cried for hours …” – Laurie

“Because there was a Praying Mantis on my gate so I couldn’t get into the house.” – Nicole

“When I tried to put my daughter’s bouncer together and put it together backwards, and cried that how could I look after a baby if I couldn’t put a bouncer together?” – Bec

“Because the Kardashians got into a fight and I felt like they were my family.” – Em

The feed-the-beast

“I cried in Woolworths because they sold out of apple crumble.” – Nene

“Lychees went out of season.” – Jessica

“I can’t eat cheese because it gives me migraines. I haven’t eaten cheese for about 13 years now. When I was pregnant I cried because I wanted pizza with cheese on but didn’t want a migraine.” – April

“My jaffle maker fell out of the cupboard … I’d been craving a spaghetti jaffle all day and bawled my eyes out when the sandwich pressing machine smashed to pieces meaning no jaffle for me!!!” – Joanne

“Because I had buttered bread to make hubby a sandwich, but he had already eaten.” – Bec

“My husband ate the last Tim Tam in my packet. He couldn’t understand why I was crying when I had another unopened packet in the fridge. That was the last one out of THAT packet – don’t eat the last of anything of a pregnant woman’s food!”

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