6 out-of-the-box footpath chalk activities for kids

If you’re looking for some easy outdoor fun that will keep the kids busy and is a cinch to clean up afterwards, look no further than these fun chalk activities you can do on the footpath outside your home!

Not only is chalk as cheap as chips and readily available at craft stores, department stores and even the supermarket, it’s also easily washed off surfaces like your driveway or footpath with plain old water – or the next rain shower. Add a bit of plain soap to wash skin and clothing and voila, the kids are clean again! We’ll chalk that up as a win.

We’ve found six fun ways to play with chalk and keep the kids entertained, so let’s get started!

But first, you’ll need some chalk

Micador Jumbo Chalk 12 pack

One of our fave chalks to buy are these brightly coloured jumbo chalks from Micador. They come in 12 vivid colours and are perfect for little hands to grasp, and unlike the smaller chalk sticks, won’t break as easily under pressure. At just $5 for a pack of 12, they are great value.

Or you could take the fun one step further and create your own homemade chalk paints. Here’s a super easy two-ingredient recipe from Happiness Is Homemade.

DIY homemade chalk paint

6 fun footpath chalk activities

1. Wet chalk drawing

Chalk activities - wet chalk art

Did you know that you can boost the colour of your chalk by wetting it first? Yep! Give your kids a small container (a clean yoghurt pot is perfect) filled with water to dip their chalk sticks into and watch the colours pop. They may also fizz a little, for added sensory fun! Wetting the chalk also makes it creamy and smooth to draw with. This great idea is inspired by Happy Hooligans.

2. Fun hopscotch ideas

Chalk activities - bubble hopscotch

The cool thing about the game of hopscotch is that you can create it in any way you wish – there’s no need to stick to the classic squares! For younger kids, why not use chalk to create a fun bubble hopscotch like this one, above?

And if your child is a little older, you can amp up the fun by turning your hopscotch into a fun obstacle course, like this! We love both of these brilliant ideas from Yoobi.

Chalk activities - obstacle course hopscotch

3. Self-portraits

Chalk activities - self portraits

This simple self-portrait activity from Happy Hooligans is great for kids of all ages. Have your kiddo lie down on the driveway or footpath and strike a fun pose, then you or another child can trace around their body with chalk, leaving the outline to decorate afterwards. Let the kids have fun using chalk to add clothing, hair and facial features to their outlines to create their own life-sized self portrait!

4. Colours and shapes games

Chalk activities - colour and shape sorting game

Looking for a fun way to teach your little ones about colours and shapes and burn some energy at the same time? Look no further than this simple-but-genius idea by Hey There Home to get their whole body engaged in learning, not just their brain. Simply use chalk to draw a grid of differently-coloured shapes on the ground, and include a Start and Finish spot – then call out shapes and colours for your child to hop across the grid to the finish line. Or you could change up the game by getting your kids to jump on all the green shapes, or find all the triangles. There’s really no end to the fun with this activity! 

5. Outdoor Twister

Chalk activities - outdoor Twister

This fun Twister-inspired game by A Girl and a Glue Gun couldn’t be easier. Simply draw the coloured circles on the footpath or driveway with chalk, and use the spinner from your regular Twister game to kick off the fun! If you don’t have a spinner, just call out whatever orders you wish – “right foot on blue!”

6. Nature coloaur hunt

Chalk activities - nature hunt colour match sensory game

Here’s an easy colour-matching sensory activity for littlies that can last for hours. Simply colour in some bricks in your driveway paving (or just free-hand your own!) with various chalk colours. Then send your little ones off on a nature scavenger hunt around the yard and garden to find natural things that match the coloured chalk squares. This activity by Nurture Store is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to the many shades of colour found in the natural world.

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