7 gorgeous reindeer cakes that’ll make you feel extra-Christmassy

feel extra-Christmassy

Of course, the pav takes pride of place on most family Christmas tables. That’s a given. It doesn’t mean you can’t let a little bit of freaking adorable reindeer muscle in on the big day too, though!

We’ve done a serious scout about for the best Rudolph sweets on the block and have settled on seven cute treats that are either totally achievable or extremely inspiring. The rest is up to you!

Go forth and reindeer, guys!

1. Chocolate Rudolph cake

The eyes follow you, right?! The wispy, chocolatey-ness of this guy is irresistible.

Hobby Craft Reindeer Cake

2. Pastel fawn cake

It might LOOK like a birthday cake, but this little pink deer cake is perfect for Christmas too!

Pastel reindeer cake - feature

3. Freckled Rudolph cake

This generously frosted beauty makes a perfect Christmas centrepiece.

Reindeer Cake

4. Sleepy reindeer cake

This one comes with a side of unicorn!

5. Buttercream frosted Rudolph

Because everybody needs a bauble for a nose!

rudolph cake

6. Reindeer-face meringues

Maybe you fancy a little bit of reindeer nose with your meringue?

Reindeer meringues

7. Reindeer cupcakes

Pretzel antlers are our new favourite thing, obviously …

Rudolph reindeer cupcakes

Here’s hoping these sweet, red-nosed and crunchy-antlered treats inspire your Christmas dessert table.

How could you NOT have a gorgeous day with cute reindeer like these on the menu?!

Merry Christmas!

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