Dear Daddy, happy Father’s Day – from me!

Happy Dad’s Day, Daddy,

I wish I could blow out the candles on your cake but Mummy says you are not the birthday boy on ‘Father’s Day’. But don’t worry, she said you still get a present (I will give you a toy car!) and that I should tell you how much I love you.

So Daddy, here’s how much …

This much! 

I love you more than I love getting a pink marshmallow with my babycino. 

I love you more than riding on a double-decker bus with you, and seeing a concrete truck out the window! That. Is. Awesome.

I love you more than getting a Bunnings’ balloon.

More than jumping in rain puddles in my gumboots (like Peppa).

More than squishing glittery play dough and having it stick on my hands – ohhh, so sparkly!

More than pushing buttons on the microwave and making them go beep, beep in your arms.

More than chasing seagulls at the beach.

More than The Green Sheep AND Hairy McClary.

More than seeing a helicopter while I am riding high on your shoulders.

More than squirting bubble bath in the water. Foam mountains!

Daddy, I love you more than everything and anything I can think of that I really, really like.  

Father and son at beach

Because …

 You are MY daddy.

You make me smile and laugh more than anyone else. You are the tickle monster and the best at rumbling and giving me horsey back rides all over the house. I squeal when you do those things because I feel all tingly inside, like sherbet in my tummy. I am happier than Mr Happy and I can’t wipe the smile off my face when we play together. You are my best friend. 

Daddy, no one builds a train track like you, either. You are SO good at everything. Like kicking a ball to me, swinging on the monkey bars at the playground (one day I will reach them too), reading in silly voices and also, explaining things to me so that I understand them – the sun needs sleep too which is why the moon night light comes on when it gets dark.   

Boy riding on dad's shoulders

But you are also my big, strong daddy too. When you scoop me up and give me snugly towel cuddles after a bath, I want to stay in your arms for the longest time. I love being in them. I feel safe when I am there and Daddy, I am not even afraid of the vacuum cleaner if you carry me when it’s on. You make me feel secure. Sometimes, I even fall asleep on you when I’m tired because I can’t help but relax and get all floppy on you. You are cosier than my blankie.

I love your bristly kisses, too, Daddy. I also love the way you smell (it’s just a you smell) and the feel of your big rough hand holding mine. I love your deep voice when you quietly sing to me and also the way you calm me down when I feel sad or angry. 

So Daddy, happy Father’s Day and thank you for being you. 

I love you. 

Love, me x

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