10 easy ways to make Easter magical for your little ones

It’s one of the most magical times of the year. Yes, there’s something about Easter that makes kids – and their grown-ups – light up with wonder at the traditions, the fun and of course, the chocolate!

Here are 10 fun ideas for magnifying that magic.

1. Welcome the Easter Bunny

You can encourage your little ones to leave a note or card for the Easter Bunny, expressing their excitement for the day. The more colour, sparkles and creativity, the better! Print out this fun Easter egg printable your kids can decorate and write their letter to the Easter Bunny on. 

2. Decorate an Easter tree

Easter trees are a European tradition. You can choose whether yours is decorated the traditional way, with hollowed hard-boiled eggs hanging from bare branches, or with chocolate eggs to eat as a treat on the big day. Here’s a bunch of lovely Easter tree ideas from Country Living to get you started.

Easter tree by Peanut Blossom

3. Make some bunny bait

Forget the traditional lettuce and carrot; the Easter Bunny has a taste for ‘bunny bait’ these days. Using a small bowl or paper cup, mix up a collection of small foods like popcorn, pretzels, M&Ms and white chocolate. He won’t be able to resist stopping by!

4. Look for traces of the Bunny

“Did the Easter Bunny come?” your little ones will shout the minute they open their eyes. It’s time to look for evidence that our hopping friend has been to your place, and it’s likely they’ll see a few bunny footprints (which look suspiciously like talc or flour). Here’s a great tutorial to create your own bunny footprints from Lizy B.

5. Take lots of photos

Family traditions are all about creating memories, so don’t forget to take plenty of photos over Easter. For even more fun, hand the camera over to the kids for a while – their take on Easter is sure to be entertaining.

6. Eat a bunny-themed breakfast

Of course, hot cross buns are a given for Easter morning, but add a little magic to your brekky with a plate of bunny-shaped pancakes or bunny fairy bread, like these ones from Hello Wonderful. The kids are guaranteed to giggle as they munch!

Easter Bunny pancakes by Hello Wonderful

7. Go on a bunny poo hunt

If your little ones are into poo humour, they’ll love this! And luckily the Easter Bunny’s scatterings are nicer than a regular bunny’s. Leave some magical bunny poo (or are they jelly beans?) either nearby the toilet or trailing towards their Easter egg stash.

8. Read Easter stories

After talking about rabbit poo, let’s move onto something more wholesome – books. There are some fantastic Easter picture books out there: try Anna Walker’s I Love Easter or The Great Big Aussie Easter Egg Hunt by Colin Buchanan.

Easter themed book covers

9. Make some Easter crafts or recipes

Crafts and cooking are a fun way to amp up the Easter excitement and keep the kids occupied before the Easter Bunny arrives. Here’s a bunch of fun recipes and craft activities perfect for little hands! 

Easter crafts:

Easter recipes:

10. Share it with family or friends

Aside from chocolate and a magical bunny, nothing can make a celebration more special than sharing it with family and friends. Whether you organise a shared breakfast, an afternoon egg hunt or a dinner party, the kids will revel in sharing their celebration with loved ones.

Just remember that in these crazy times, always stay COVID safe – wash and sanitise your hands regularly, and if you feel unwell, stay home to keep everyone you love safe.

However you choose to spend the day, we’re wishing you a very happy Easter!

The article was written by: Asad Saimon

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