What gifts do new mums REALLY want on their first Mothers’ Day?

When a new dad asked our Facebook followers how he can make his wife feel super special on her first Mother’s Day, they jumped at the chance to discuss ideas.

Insider tips!

Not only did they have heaps of tricks up their sleeves in the Mum’s Day gift department, they could not help but give this dad huge props for being so thoughtful and attentive.

“I’m a new dad and I am struggling to decide what to get my beautiful wife for her first Mother’s Day,” the gent said in his question for our followers.

“She’s been through a lot, and I really want to make this special for her. I’ve already booked a nice dinner with both our own mums, as a little surprise for her. And of course, I aim to have a bunch of flowers from our baby girl for her wonderful mama, and brekky in bed as well. What else can I give her to mark this special day – her very first one? Money is no object BUT time is now a bit short! Help!”

Mum with baby boy

The responses to his query centred on things that were either thoughtful keepsakes or provided some much-needed me time for a freshly-minted mama.

8 things mums really want for Mother’s Day

Here’s our pick of the best – and a huge thanks to our Facebook followers for their lovely ideas …

1. A very special keepsake

“Instead of Mother’s Day cards each year, start a journal. Your little girl can write or draw in it as she gets bigger and for the first year or two, you can do a hand or foot print. Mine is up to my 7th Mother’s Day and each year, not only do I love to get new drawings but we go through the old ones and talk about what each child was like that year. Such as special keepsake.”

2. A breakfast in bed rethink

“Make it ‘LUNCH in bed’ let her sleep in for as long as she needs.”

3. A mum album

“Mums are usually always behind the camera taking happy snaps of the kids. I always thought the only photos I had with my kids were selfies I took myself. My husband gave me my Mother’s Day present early this year- an album of candid photos he took of me and my kids every week in the past year ❤️ most were unflattering photos of me ; hair unwashed, in PJs, breastfeeding, exhausted. But I really appreciate them now! Best gift!”

mum in cafe

4. Me time

“Book her in for a spa treatment or hair appointment or maybe organise for a cleaner to come for a couple of weeks to do all the housework for her. Maybe a catch up with all her friends as well?”

5. A wearable story

“I have created a story necklace with meaningful charms to mark occasions. You could start one for her. My husband adds to it every mothers day. I love it because it’s a story of my family’s journey. My son loves listening to me talk about each pieces significance.”

6. A precious portrait

“Go to Kmart and print out a big picture of her and bubs and put it in a nice frame, get a copy for yourself too!”

mums together

7. A rest

“Do everything she would do in a day and let her rest and do as she pleases. Cook, clean, look after bubs, so she can sleep, rest, watch tv in peace, shower in peace, catch up on hobbies she enjoyed pre-bub.”

8. Tiny hand prints

“A written card and some baby prints – either hands or a foot print and some special words from the heart, she would love that. The first Mother’s Day is always very special so she will love anything you give her.”

9. A shower

“I’m a mum of 3 and to be honest just a nice shower is all I ever want. To have that alone time without worry is the best feeling and so refreshing.”

10. A time capsule

“A boxed frame with all ur babys hospital memorabilia with a lovely new born pic and a lil quote from you in it saying how she is the most wonderful.mother and cant wait to celebrate each year this amazing gift of seeing her shine bright as a mother.”

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