Get your cosy on! Toasty PJs for those chilly night feeds

The days are short and the weather’s chilly and the night feeds are feeling longer as your baby cosies up and snuggles down.

Babies are not the only ones who deserve to be toasty this winter. Here’s a bunch of brilliant sleepwear choices for MUMS who want to stay warm on the night shift too!

Boody bamboo pyjamas for mums

Dreamy dove

These super-soft and stretchy bamboo PJs are sure to make every mum feel snugged up, even in the dead of bleary night! The Goodnight Sleep Set from The Iconic are so stylish that you’ll still feel good even if you find yourself still slouching around at home in your pyjamas at midday.

Disney onesie pyjamas Peter Alexander

Alice in Wonderland

If anyone says Disney is just for kids, they’re going to have to answer to me. Not only is Disney for everyone, a cosy Disney onesie – complete with Alice in Wonderland characters, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum – is especially good for sleepy, chilly mums! This brilliant onesie is perfect for those late night feeds and for those late morning feeds and also for late afternoon feeds, too. In fact, it’s good for any old time! From Peter Alexander. 

Sloth pyjamas - Morgan and Finch

Go slow

These sloth pyjamas are not only prettily dotted with our favourite go-slow pals, they’re 100 percent cotton flannelette with an elasticised waist, making them extra cosy and comfy too! You’ll feel as snug as a bug in a rug when you put these babies on! Available from Morgan & Finch.

Boux Avenue pyjamas Next

Puppy love

Sometimes, matchy-matchy top and bottom is the only way to go. Even more so when the PJs are cheerily festooned with a gorgeous Dalmatian print! This Boux Avenue Dalmation Print Soft Touch Twosie is available at Next, who frankly have a LOT of brilliant jammy fashion at very low prices.

Nightie from Chloe and Lola


Okay. Not everyone goes in for PJs or onesies and we’re all about inclusivity here at Babyology. Perhaps a nightdress is more your speed? Maybe you want to get your nightie on, instead? This nightdress, with handy button-down breastfeeding-friendly front from Chloe & Lola could be just your cup of tea. 

Papinelle Sleepwear

A snoozy set-up

If you like your nighties more pared back and classic, this one from Papinelle might be more your thing? You can grab the matching robe too and you’ll look exactly like a chic New York ballerina when you’re staggering into the nursery to grab your squealing, hungry tot. Sort of. Papinelle Maxi Nightie  and Maxi Robe.

Bloomingdales pyjamas

Pretty in pink

These pretty pink pjs have a certain stylish something-something going on which we think is the perfect antidote for a long sleepless night. Wake up in these beauties (no matter how little sleep you may have actually had) and the day ahead has just got to be full of promise! This drawstring, stretch Aqua Sleep Peachy Tie-Dyed Pajama Set is available from Bloomingdales.

Sussan pyjamas

Deep breaths

PJs that really could do double duty on the morning daycare run are never a bad thing, right?! This lovely Monotone Star Print Pyjama Set from Sussan does just that – stylish and flattering in equal measure, they just happen to be warm and snuggly too! 

Now you’re just faced with the tricky decisions of which PJs to choose!  Godspeed, mamas!

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