12 fun Halloween ideas perfect for when you can’t go out trick-or-treating

For lots of fun-loving families, Halloween is the perfect celebration. Minimal gift-giving, lots of dress-ups and the yummy, funny treats and neighbourhood togetherness that come with the occasion are what childhood memories are made of. You haven’t lived your best life if you haven’t enjoyed the icky delight of jelly worms and ‘dirt’ sprinkled over ice-cream, or seen the normally quiet old woman down the road gleefully greeting be-costumed children in her driveway with a pumpkin-shaped cauldron of sweets at the ready. Pure joy.

But we’re living in a COVID world and so we have to think about things a little differently. The trick-or-treating tradition, where children go door-to-door throughout their neighbourhood collecting treats from strangers, while their wary parents hover at the porch steps, is not exactly the smartest social distancing decision.

So here are some fun ways your family can still get into the Halloween spirit with some spook-tastic fun at home. Check out these fun craft and cooking ideas that will still ensure joyful childhood memories, even in these weird times.

6 fun Halloween crafts to try

1. Cute toilet roll mummies

Halloween toilet roll mummy

Oooh, spooky! This simple activity uses odds and ends you’ll already have in your craft box and is perfect for little hands.

2. Woolly spider webs

Halloween spider web craft

This simple weaving project that even very young children will be able to master is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit! And check out the next activity to complete your woolly webs …

3. Pipe cleaner lollipop spiders

Halloween pipe cleaner spider

This cute crafty idea is a trick (a spooky spider with googly eyes) AND a treat (a yummy lollipop)! Winning! You might like to replace the lollipops with small twigs from the garden so they’re light enough to glue onto the woolly spider webs you’re ALSO creating.

4. Wicked witch’s hat headband

make a witches hat headband

If you have a little witchy-poo on your hands, this cute 10-minute craft is a great costume starter! Just add a flowy dress and stripy socks, and grab a cauldron and the broom from the cupboard to complete the look.

5. Black cat headband

Halloween black cat headband

If you’re a feline-loving family, your kiddos might like to give this cute black cat headband a go. It’s super-easy to make, and the sky’s the limit with this idea – kids can get creative to make them look like any animal they like!

6. Pom-pom spider headband

Halloween spider headband

Here’s another fun headband craft, in keeping with the spooky spider theme. It doesn’t take long to whip this woolly little fellow up!

And for even more crafty fun of the non-Halloween type, you can learn how to create your own pom-pom in about 10 minutes with this quick tutorial from Meet Me At Mikes.

6 fun Halloween cooking ideas

1. Jelly worms in Oreo dirt

Halloween jelly worm recipe

A trick and a treat, this jelly and ice cream dessert looks so gruesome, it’s awesome! And it’s super-easy to make too.

2. Apple Monsters

Apple Monsters healthy Halloween recipe

How cute are these chomping Apple Monsters? They’re easy to whip up and fun for the kids to create, and the best part is that they’re super-healthy, too.

3. Mummy frankfurts

Halloween mummy frankfurts recipe

Give frankfurts a spookily cute Halloween makeover using ribbons of puff pastry! Kids will have to use their gentle hands to create these fun little snacks.

4. 10-minute spooky pizza

Why not get into the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve with this ghoulishly fun idea for dinner? You could cut the cheese into whatever spooky shapes you like.

5. Mummified Oreo biscuits

Halloween mummy biscuit recipe

We love a recipe so easy you can let the kids take control – as long as you don’t mind a bit of mess!

6. Spooky spider cupcakes

Halloween chocolate spider cupcake recipe

We’re sorry, but who could resist a cupcake that includes liquorice, decadent icing AND an Oreo? Not us! Want to whip up a batch?


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