I received this nasty note while on holiday …. but there’s more to the story

It was slipped under our holiday apartment door, silently and without even a knock – the note that informed us we are bad parents and inconsiderate people.

But there’s more to this story, and the truth is even funnier than the woeful spelling.

Please discipline your children


Then, confusingly, it continued.

“THE JUMPING, STOMPING IS VIBRATING TO EXTENDING GUESTS,” – say what? Oh, it means there is noise coming from our apartment that is travelling through the concrete walls and carpeted floor to their apartment, I thought as I read it.

“PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE!” it abruptly ended.

Complaint note

I was in shock

I admit I felt upset and in shock when my husband first showed me the note.

After finding it under the door, he placed it in front of me to read, interrupting my happy holiday vibe. I’d been sitting outside on the balcony with a book. The sound of bellbirds singing and a fresh sea breeze blowing on my face.

Our little loves, aged six and four, were zoned out in front of the telly after a blissful day at the beach. It was a quiet and peaceful moment.

Ah, holidays. How nice! I remember thinking.

Until the note, that is …

“What?!” I said to my husband as I took in the words (and spelling).


“I mean, maybe they have been a little noisy in like, just a normal kid way, but … really?”

My husband rolled his eyes. He was pissed, I was a little hurt by it.

Because …

The last thing we are is inconsiderate. We are always jumping on the boys over this or that and leaving cafes and the like when we sense we might be disturbing others.

But we also know our kids … they can be, well, a handful – hyper when excited and having fun. But aren’t all kids?

So yes, the note stung a little, because maybe there was some truth to it and as such, we reacted by shutting the balcony door and reminding the boys to use their inside voices … until.

Two kids on holiday playing at the beach

What’s that noise?

Then my husband pointed something out to me that made me snort with laughter.

The washing machine was on.

Jumping and stomping and most likely, vibrating to the unit downstairs.

Realising this, I posted the note on my Facebook:

“This note was slipped under the door of our holiday apartment about an hour ago. Kids have been watching telly after a day out. The washing machine was on, stomping and jumping, though. Naughty washing machine. Will have to issue time out,” I eye-winked.

What to do when you have a hyper washing machine

Then my gorgeous friends came to the party with a plethora of suggestions to soothe my washing machine.

“Have you tried putting the washing machine on a gluten-free diet? That really calmed mine down,” suggested one friend, ending her comment with, “SCREW THOSE GRUMPY LOSERS.”

“Don’t be too hard on the washing machine. It’s just doing what washing machines do,” my cousin reassured me.

After some back and forth banter, it was decided that I should give the washing machine a calming lavender detergent and steer clear of any hyperactive additives that promise ‘bright colours’.


Then my wise buddy mused:

“Even the most loving parent can still have a wayward washing machine. Don’t blame yourself. ”

And that’s just it.

Whether it was my little washing machines or an actual washing machine making the noise, I’ll never know. But what I do know is that we are good, loving parents, who happen to have little happy kids on holiday. And that people who write nasty notes are just that.

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